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Bob Evans Bacon Cheeseburger

Posted by LOTGK on July 24, 2011

Bob Evans Cheeseburger

Just the other day I was at Steamers restaurant and had one of the best tasting cheeseburgers I have ever had. Tempting my luck, I ordered the same at Bob Evans restaurant in Youngstown yesterday.

The service was great, the waitress kind, fast, and courteous and my cheeseburger was brought out right on time. Did I mention it was take out?

So I get home and unwrap my bacon cheeseburger with fries. The burger was hot, there was bacon, and cheese, and the burger was a half pound of beef. Then I picked it up.

The bun was soggy. Not a little, but if it were a sponge, you could wring it out. Inspecting the bacon, there were two slices, and it was half cooked at best. The cheese was melted and the burger well cooked. However, upon first bite, my expectations were quashed.

I wouldn’t say the taste was horrendous, but it wasn’t good at all. If you ever held a hockey puck, this had the same texture, hard, round, and tasteless. Even adding fries to the top of the burger couldn’t help mask the taste. Perhaps the fries would assist in this meal.


As you can see, there were not a lot of french fries with the order. For 10 dollars, I was expecting more fries. Also note the one piece of bacon hanging on the left side. The fries were hot, not soggy, not crisp, but just OK. The taste was adequate as fries go. Nothing bad, just OK.

The take out order was packed in a white xardboard box and the burger was inside and wrapped in a foil wrapper. The fries was strewn on the bottom.

The Grassy Knoll Institute scores 2 out of 5 shots and does not recommend Bob Evans cheeseburger for dinner.


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3 Responses to “Bob Evans Bacon Cheeseburger”

  1. LOTGK said

    Bobevans 3 weeks ago
    Why would you go to Bob evans and order a cheeseburger?

    LOTGK 3 weeks ago in reply to Bobevans
    Why wouldn’t I? It was on the menu. And after the burger I had at Steamers, I was hoping that lightning would strike twice. instead, I didn’t even get a spark.

    Julia 3 weeks ago
    You should expect some sogginess on take out. its wrapped in a foil wrapper and the heat makes it soggy.

    LOTGK 3 weeks ago in reply to Julia
    You are correct Julia, however, it was so soggy you could wring it out like a sponge. Not acceptable.

    Julia 3 weeks ago
    You should expect some sogginess on take out. its wrapped in a foil wrapper and the heat makes it soggy.

    Gumby 3 weeks ago
    This is no test comment, I hate when the bug is soggy and mushy, same goes for the fries, I want them crisp and well cooked and not dripping with grease.

    LOTGK 3 weeks ago in reply to Gumby
    Agreed Gumby. Instead of foil, perhaps wrapping in paper would do the trick.

  2. The only thing worst than a hamburger bun that fall apart because the cook douses it with butter and than compress it against the grill is a soggy bun! Had that experience at a local restaurant that know little about making hamburgers. Another candidate for a bad burger is Burger King. Maybe not all Burger Kings but I’d say two out of every three. Had very good luck with one of our McDee’s with specially burgers such as the Sirloin Burger Deluxe. But you are lucky in the many choices that you have living in the USA. Mexico does not offer those choices.

    • LOTGK said

      Yes, I was very unhappy with the presentation and the soaking wet bun.
      And true, we do have plenty of choices here in the states but that doesn’t cure the bad choice every now and again.

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